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March 30 - 2012
Page #3 - War came early , many people were killed . Also Jim talks about all the dreams he had of war. Then its goes into the Pearl Harbor, Sunday December 7

April 2 - 2012
Page #4- "March Of Time " is a film everyone watches thats about a war, There is going to be a christmas party , Jim waits for the party and he sits and look at the film for the thousandth time it gets boring so he watched his father chaffuer argure . Then the chaffur pushes Jim in the car the leave. I just learned Jim is only 11 years old
Page #5-There is alot of traffic and I want to say they are on a horse because the chaffer [Y\ang] has a whip and anyone in the way he hits , also a homeless man walks up and he hits him.
summary :Today I read about how Jim day was I guess and how busy the city was. Different events he went thru and also he talked about war again . I really don't understand this so I have to read it twice

Question: What can you conclude about the March Of Time film.
A) It must have been a really bad war , thats why they play it all the time so no one will forgret or its important to them and it has meaning
B)Its a boring film , they just play it to entertain .
C)None of the above .

April 3-2012
Page #6-conflict between Britian and Japan broke out

Questions : What could you vizulize about the Britian and Japan conflict , when you hear women and children had to evacuate out ?
A) Its was a bad war , because they had to leave
B) Bad , because every man had to stay and