Unit Books

April 17, 2012

When searching online, tags help us find related material. Often the most helpful tags are based on themes. Below is a list a popular tags found online at shelfari.com for the book you are reading. Each of you should choose three different tags and explain why those particlar tags would be crucial to representing the book well. Write a brief justification of your chosen tag. Do not repeat a tag that someone else has already put forth. Once you have chosen and justified your tags, put them in the book discussion thread for your book on Our Space.

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Daniel Half Human and the Good Nazi pg 5

michael A p#1
A man is in this jeep and he is going throw germany he could not go throw some parts because their was so much rubble from houses and from other buildings he was born in germany he knew the city inside out he saw a woman standing out side with a torn mans jacket
He keped walking around he started to remamber a plase that liked the hamburghe was geting a little sad all of it was
destroyedand if he kep walking he would end up in a

what patterns of relationships do you seein the story with the man at the
beginning of the story
A.He lived there as a kid
B.He read about it in a book
C.His teacher told him about it when he was in school

Dylan Love- I think it is a good question because it involves the beginning of the story with the character and because i can break it down and figure it out

to day i read 33-36
why dident daniels dad do anything to him n the schupo droped
him off at his house his dad just put him in the celler and locked him in there. daniel was saying to him self
why dident hisdad yelled at him nothing
daniel was droped of at home he was left in the celler and beten badly
and his dad started to have a heart probloms

to day what i did 4/23/12
i finished my SRI


pg's 54-60

Nate W.

what can be concluded about why the dive was damaged so bad?
A. that there was a riot going on in the city in the past.
B. the city was under attack during a war.
C. a tank had blown it up during war.
D. there was chaos in the dive and it all got messed up.

daniel half human and the good nazi
pg 72-81

daniel half human and the good nazi
pg's 81 -90
daniel and armin peterare writeing a report for racial studies and peter was first and his was about his granfathers past and the things that happend then armin wrote about a jew that did bad things when he was around girls
to one of the girls he farted next to one and to a nother girl he had a cows teat and made it look like he had something haning out thats not suppost to be out. then daniels assignments is up and his was about his dad and a friend that he had was agenst war an daniels dad was soldiersand some of the their soldiers were geting mad at daniels dad friend and their was a day that they had war and daniels dad friend started to go and say speeches
to triy to stop war and daniels dad and some other soldiers went to jail because they trided to stop him.

daniel half human and the good nazi
pgs 95-104

Compilation Project

1 article that ties in with a theme from your book
-A detailed summary of the article
-An explanation of why you chose the article as a resource and how it relates to a theme in your book
-An explanation of how is the perspective of the novel different from the article

1 poem that relates to your novel/nonfiction book
-Write an interpretation of the poem
-Explain how the two relate

1 myth that relates to your novel/nonfiction book
-Write a summary of the myth
-Explain how the two relate

1 photograph representative of the time period that relates to your novel/nonfiction book
-Evaluate the photograph

1 piece of art that exhibits the emotions involved in your novel/nonfiction book
-Write a descriptive paragraph
-Explain why you chose the artwork

3 higher level questions using the question stems for each (You will chooses your best three questions from those you are assigned to write as you read your book.)

Give an example of how the author’s past might have influenced the authorship of this book.

http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article-Explain why you included this photo.php?ModuleId=10005276

a myth that Hitler said was it was the jews folt that they lost ww1
a articlemy hitler hated jews