The antagonist actively opposes (or goes against) the protagonist. Start by explaining this person's (or group's) personality, relationships with others and physical appearance. You need three text quotes with page numbers to support your statements.

You also need to explain how the antagonist works against the protagonist. Provide at least three examples (with page numbers) of the antagonist opposing the protagonist.

So you should have a total of six quotes with page numbers to support your description of the antagonist and how this person, or group, opposes the protagonist.

Create an illustration to represent the antagonist. This could be something that symbolizes the antagonist or how you visualized the antagonist. You may not use any images from a movie. If you use an online image, make sure you correctly cite your source. Remember that you must go to the actual page the image comes from. You cannot use Google Images as your source. Google is a search engine, not a source. Use Easy Bib or Citation Machine to format your sources.