Unit Books

April 18, 2012

When searching online, tags help us find related material. Often the most helpful tags are based on themes. Below is a list a popular tags found online at shelfari.com for the book you are reading. Each of you should choose three different tags and explain why those particlar tags would be crucial to representing the book well. Write a brief justification of your chosen tag. Do not repeat a tag that someone else has already put forth. Once you have chosen and justified you tags, put them on your wiki page.

Popular Tags
  1. 1941,
  2. historical recap,
  3. lexile 1070,
  4. no characters,
  5. nonfiction,
  6. o.k book,
  7. on december 7,
  8. pearl harbor,
  9. political,
  10. school,
  11. unit7,
  12. war history,
  13. we were stunned by the japanese launching their fo,
  14. world war 2,
  15. world war ii

Go back and finish your questions!
1.What are the attributes of hawaii?


B. relaxing

C.both of them

So far what I have read about this little boy who i dont no the name of. He was talking about how it was in november in hawaii.

Conclude what the result would be if this boy moved?

A. He would not be by the bombs the japan did